How to apply for participation
How to apply for participation for buyers and MICE buyers
■ Period of application for participation
1:00 p.m. (JST), June 20, 2018 (Wed.) - 5:00 p.m. (JST), July 31, 2018 (Tue.)

■ How to apply for participation
Register your e-mail address through the “New registration" button on the official website after 1:00 p.m. (JST), June 20, 2018 (Wed.)
An e-mail with "URL to Participation Application Form" will be sent to the e-mail address you have registered. Click the URL in the e-mail to complete registration.

* Note that the e-mail is sent automatically once you register your e-mail address. If you do not receive the e-mail after a while, please check your spam mailbox as the e-mail may be marked as spam.

■ Notice about approval or rejection of participation
An e-mail will be sent informing you on whether participation has been approved or not after 1-2 weeks following your application.

* A notice about "approval" or "rejection" of participation will be sent to all applicants.
New registration
Registration schedule
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018
*Please note that the program is subject to change. Thank you in advance.
Participation Guidelines
[Buyer and MICE Buyer Participation Guidelines]
The "Secretariat" hereunder refers to an operator outsourced by the Japan National Tourism Organization (hereinafter "JNTO") to plan and operate the VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart (VJTM) 2018 (hereinafter "VJTM").

1. Intended participants will be travel agencies engaging in the development and/or sale of travel products for visitors to Japan (or plan to do so) and handling incentive tours as well as overseas meeting planners and others. JNTO will be responsible for their selection and approval.

2. Eligible participants must, as a rule, be able to join both the business meeting and a familiarization trip as well as all other official events designated by JNTO to be held during the period of the main event and must not leave those programs before their scheduled ends.
(1) Buyers are allowed to join only the business meeting and official event, but not the familiarization trip only.
(2) MICE buyers must join in all the business meeting, the official event and familiarization trip.

3. In terms of the business meeting to be held during the period of the main event, all participants must hold their business meetings according to the predetermined appointment schedule.

4. Participants obtaining their visas based on their personal authentication provided by JNTO will not be permitted to leave the program before its scheduled end. They may not extend their stay to before or after the program period.

5. As a general rule, each invited buyer may be accompanied by one companion. However, JNTO may approve other companions. Even in such a case, there shall be no more than three companions accompanying a single buyer.
1)  Any companion must bear their own expenses for participation involved. Admission to any official event designated by JNTO, however, will be granted free of charge.
2) Expenses for the familiarization trip taken by a companion shall be borne by the companion, and participation will only be allowed upon the approval of JNTO.

6. A participant's registration may be cancelled even after being approved in the event JNTO considers their participation to be inappropriate due to false descriptions on the application form, or if they fail to comply with the rules stipulated by the organizer.

7. The cancellation of participation (including the reason) after approval must be reported in writing (and may be e-mailed) to JNTO and the Secretariat without exception.
1) In the event participants for whom international airline tickets are arranged by the Secretariat cancel their participation after their tickets have been issued, the Secretariat shall claim payment equivalent to the cancellation charges.
2) Leaving a familiarization trip, business meeting or official event before it ends is not permitted, in principle. If a participant must leave early due to an unavoidable reason, it is necessary to obtain permission from JNTO. Participants must also pay for transportation and other expenses when leaving early.
3) In the event of cancellation of participation, participants shall be obliged to pay any cancellation fees, including airfare and fees for accommodations and familiarization trips which are incurred due to the cancellation.

8. Participants shall forfeit eligibility to attend VJTM from the next time forward and be liable for penalty charges, if they are judged to fall under the following:
1) If they are passive or fail to perform work to decide the schedule of business meetings according to prior appointments.
2) If they are absent without approval from official events or business meetings in which they are indicated to participate during the period, in principle.
3) If they change the schedule of a business meeting decided according to the prior appointment without consultation with the organizer and performed the business meeting.
4) If they cancel their participation after fixing the schedule of a business meeting or fail to perform the business meeting according to the prior appointment.
5) If the organizer and/or the Secretariat deems a person to be an inappropriate participant in VJTM.

9. All participants shall cooperate with the Organizer in responding to all of questionnaires and surveys to measure results as conducted by JNTO.

10. All participants must permit the Organizer to use their right of publicity associated with photographic records and videos of the business meetings, Familiarization trips and official events on websites and in reports, printed materials, and/or the records of related events determined by JNTO.

11. The Organizer and the Secretariat shall not be liable for any damage incurred by participants during the period:
1) If the Organizer and the Secretariat deem the cancellation and early closing or postponement of this VJTM, the relocation of the venue, or any other changes necessary and preferable and implement those actions in the interest of the participants, regardless of reason.
2) If the participants, their employees or agents, the general public, or any third party sustain damage due to a fire, natural disaster, theft, or any other cause.
3) Liability for any accidental writing errors or omissions in the guidebook of this VJTM or in any other promotional material.
4) Liability for any property damage incurred by participants, any damage or loss of exhibits or any other material when carrying in and out or during transport.
5) Any disadvantage arising from business meetings.

12. Participants must comply with Japanese laws and other relevant laws and regulations applicable to the present VJTM venue including safety regulations and the relevant provisions of the Fire Service Act.

13. The Organizer reserves the right to reject the participation of an applicant in this VJTM and eliminate said applicant’s application regardless of reason, in case the applicant violates any of these rules or has a very low number of appointments registered in advance.

14. The Organizer may revise or add a provision to these rules in a timely manner without notifying the participants in advance. The updated version of these rules will be posted on the official website.
【Expenses shared by buyers and MICE buyers】
*MICE buyers and buyers who will be invited by other programs held separately from this program may partially be treated under a different scope of costs.
[1] Range of expenses paid by JNTO
1) For parties participating in both the business meetings and familiarization trips.
Accommodations Accommodations from Wednesday, September 19, the day of check-in, to the final day of the familiarization trip you participate in. *Accommodations vary depending on the familiarization trip course you participate in.
Meals All meals during the period from breakfast on Thursday, September 20 through the last day of the familiarization trip. *Participants must bear the expenses for dinner on Wednesday, September 19. *Those who do not join the Tokyo tour on Saturday, September 22 must bear the expenses of dinner on that day. *Meals include meal vouchers and meals provided at receptions.
Transportation Expenses for transportation specified by the Organizer, as well as transportation expenses and facility admission fees during a Familiarization trip. Bus service to the airport on the final day of the Familiarization trip. *During their stay in Japan, participants must bear their own fees for transportation from the airport of arrival in Japan to their hotel.
2) For parties participating only in the business meeting
Accommodation Stays from Wednesday, September 19, to Sunday, September 23 (the day of check-out).
Meals All meals from breakfast on Thursday, September 20, to breakfast on Sunday, September 23 (the day of check-out). *Participants must bear the expenses for dinner on Wednesday, September 19, and from lunch on Sunday, September 23, onward. *Those who will not participate in the Tokyo tour on Saturday, September 22, must bear expenses for dinner on the day. *Meals include meal vouchers and meals provided at receptions.
Transportation Transportation expenses within Japan set by the Organizer. *Participants shall bear any fees for transportation from the airport upon arrival in Japan to their hotel and those from their hotel to the airport when departing from Japan.
[2] Expenses borne by the participants
1. International airfare, airport usage fee, other taxes and insurance, etc (JNTO shall bear expenses for MICE buyers). 2. Expenses to obtain a visa for Japan (application fees). 3. During their stay in Japan, participants shall bear any fees for transportation from the airport upon arrival in Japan to their hotel; for those who will not participate in the familiarization trip, transportation fees from their hotel to the airport when departing from Japan. 4. Personal expenses (e.g., telephone, fax, internet connectivity charges, room service, laundry, additional food/drinks). 5. Shipping expenses for all baggage (Expenses for the baggage delivery service separately  transported during the Familiarization Trip shall be borne by JNTO). 6. All expenses required for a companion (e.g., transportation, accommodations, meals). 7. Any expenses, such as for transportation, associated with withdrawal before the end of the event.
The following hotel is between the day before the first day and the final day of the inbound business meeting [check-in on Sep.19(Wed) and checkout on Sep.23(Sun).2018].
* Lodging during a familiarization trip varies depending on the course you choose to participate in.
Hotel New Otani Tokyo 
4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8578, Japan 
* The accommodation above include breakfast.
* Personnel accompanying the main participants must bear their own accommodation expenses and settle their payments by credit card before entering Japan. For the amounts, please contact the Secretariat.
Familiarization trips

※This itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.

1.Tokyo Tour

1 day trip (Sept. 22)Expected place of visit Content Target Group
No.1VJTM TOKYO①Ginza / TsukijiGinza Six, SushiGeneral buyers / Media
No.2VJTM TOKYO②DaibaAqua City Odaiba,
OEDO-ONSEN MONOGATARI (hot spring theme park)
General buyers / Media
No.3VJTM TOKYO③RyogokuTokyo Edo Museum, Chankonabe (fish, meat and vegetable stew traditionally served to Sumo wrestlers)General buyers / Media
No.4VJTM TOKYO④Hibiya / Shiba Park / ShinagawaTokyo Midtown Hibiya,
Tokyo Tower, Yakatabune (traditional Japanese style cruising)
General buyers / Media
No.5VJTM TOKYO⑤Shiba Park / OthersHotel inspection, Tofu banquetMICE buyers

2.Regional FAM Trip

3 days, 2 nights (Sept.23 – Sept.25)Expected place of stayThemeTarget Group
No.1VJTM(1) TOHOKUMiyagi / FukushimaNature, local cuisine,
sake brewery
General buyers
(East Asia market)
No.2VJTM(2) GOLDEN ROUTEKanagawa / KyotoHistory, Nature, cultureGeneral buyers
(India market)
No.3VJTM(3) CHIBA / KYOTO / OSAKAChiba / OsakaHistory, culture, natureGeneral buyers
(Europe, America and Oceania markets)
No.4VJTM(4) HOKURIKU / SHINETSUToyama / IshikawaNature, culture, latest spots, shoppingGeneral buyers
(Southeast Asia market)
No.5VJTM(5) CHUBUAichi / MieHistory, culture,
fishing village experience,
latest spots
General buyers
(East Asia market)
No.6VJTM(6) CHUGOKUHiroshima / YamaguchiHistory, culture, natureGeneral buyers
(Europe, America and Oceania markets)
 4 days, 3 nights (Sept.23 - Sept.26)Expected place of stayThemeTarget Group
No.7VJTM(7) SHIKOKUKagawa / Kochi / EhimeNature, culture, local cuisine, latest spotsGeneral buyers
(Europe, America and Oceania markets)
No.8VJTM(8) KYUSHUFukuoka / Nagasaki/ KumamotoHistory, culture, local cuisine, latest spots, shoppingGeneral buyers
(Southeast Asia market)
No.9VJTM(9) OKINAWANaha / Onna-son / NahaCulture, sake brewery,
outdoor, latest spots,
General buyers
(Europe, America and Oceania markets)
No.10VJMM(1) HIROSHIMA / OSAKA / KYOTOHiroshima / Osaka / KyotoUnique venue tourMICE buyers
(Language: English)

No.11VJMM(2) NAGOYA / KYOTO / KOBEAichi / Kyoto / HyogoUnique venue tourMICE buyers
(Language: Chinese)

No.12VJMM(3) MIYAGI / HOKKAIDOMiyagi / HokkaidoUnique venue tourMICE buyers
(Language: English)

No.13VJMM(4) NAGASAKI / FUKUOKANagasaki / FukuokaUnique venue tourMICE buyers
(Language: English)

No.14VJTM MEDIAHokkaido / AomoriCulture, gourmet, trend spot, mediaMedia

3.FAM contacts: FAM offices information

Target MarketLanguageLocation
(Country Code)
TELE-mail Address
South KoreaKoreanSouth Korea (+82)
TaiwanChinese (Traditional)Taiwan (+886)
ChinaChinese (Simplified)China (+86)
Hong KongChinese (Traditional)Hong Kong (+852)
OtherEnglishJapan (+81)