About VJTM
"VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart (VJTM) 2018" is an inbound business meeting where overseas travel agencies for trips to Japan and other related parties as well as tourism-related operators based in Japan meet to create a variety of inbound businesses. In taking part in one of the world's largest international tourist events in tandem with the jointly-held "Tourism EXPO Japan," we will aim to promote the entire tourism industry and stimulate local economies. The business meeting in VJTM 2018 uses an advance appointment-matching system to enable effective and efficient arrangement of business talks. We are confident that it will be of great assistance to you in developing new products for traveling to Japan and in promoting business and enterprises to plan and arrange MICE. We therefore earnestly encourage you to use "VJTM 2018" as an opportunity to exchange information and expand your business and enterprises related to travel in Japan.
Business Meetings
Date : Thursday, September 20 thru Saturday, September 22, 2018. Venue : TOKYO BIG SIGHT (3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan) Hosted by : Japan National Tourism Organization Support by : Japan Tourism Agency
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018

Comments by participants

VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018 VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018
This year, VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018 is offering more for participants!

Open Session has increased about twice.

Open Session has been substantially extended from 2 hours 40 minutes in 2017 to 5 hours, responding to feedback asking for increase in the amount of free time allowed for business meetings.
Furthermore, from the viewpoint that each party should be allowed as many business meetings as possible, 10-minute business talks are allowed for each party on a rotating basis.

Participation in the networking session has substantially expanded.

The expansion of the networking reception venue enables all participants with a VJTM ID Pass to participate in social networking.
Please enjoy the networking session which differs from the business meetings and features more sellers.

Overall schedule
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018
*Please note that the program is subject to change. Thank you in advance.

Location:3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5530-1111
Business meeting
East Hall 7
Networking Reception
East Hall 8
See Access on the website of TOKYO BIG SIGHT at:
* Venues may be changed. Check in advance on our site.

About the Business meeting
The two types of business meetings are as follows: "Pre-scheduled meeting" a session to be scheduled in advance, and "Open Session" in which you visit the booths of other parties directly to have meetings. Pre-scheduled meeting In the Pre-scheduled meeting, you will use the VJTM system to match with another party based on mutual requests. These sessions consist of a 20-minute business meeting in which a seller visits a buyer and/or media on a "seated buyer/media" basis, with a 10-minute interval between each session. The seller is to visit the buyer booth and/or media room to engage in a business meeting according to the pre-determined business meeting schedule. Open Session In the Open Session, you visit the booths of other parties directly to have meetings. At this time, you can engage in a business meeting with a party you were unable to meet through the Pre-scheduled meeting. Each session will consist of a 10-minute business meeting with no interval between sessions. When 10 minutes have elapsed, you will be asked to quickly finish your current business meeting and continue to the next session. The Open Session will be held in two formats: "seated buyer/media" and "seated seller." Please visit the booth of the party with which you wish to engage in a business meeting or wait for a party who wishes to engage in a business meeting to visit your booth. Language Used in Business meeting English will be the official language used in the business meetings. Sellers who accommodate only Japanese will need to arrange for interpreters on their own. In the same way, buyers and media who can respond to neither Japanese nor English are required to make arrangements for interpreters on their own. Please be sure to prepare the English version for tools and materials to be used in business meetings. If possible, preparing materials corresponding to the other party's official working language is also welcomed. Materials for Business meeting Leaflets or pamphlets are allowed as materials to be used in the business meetings, but please prepare information in an electronic format (CD, DVD, USB memory or flash memory) to be handed in. It is the case that the physical copies of materials are not brought back every year.

About the Networking Reception
Date and time:18:30 - 20:00, September 21 (Fri.)
VenueEast 8 Hall, TOKYO BIG SIGHT
In principle, all Buyers, MICE Buyers and Media are requested to join this event. (Companions may also participate). Sellers (joining for 3 days, 2 days or 1 day) and domestic MICE sellers who possess an ID Pass can join the event. However, prior online registration is required.

Familiarization trips
Date: September 23, 2018 (Sun) - September 25 (Tue), 26 (Wed).
*Its schedule will vary according to the course.
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018
VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018