Privacy Policy

The Secretariat of VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2020 (hereinafter, “the Secretariat”) shall handle the information you have registered at VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2020 as follows.

● In order to properly handle the information obtained, the Secretariat shall assign an Information Handling Manager to instruct and supervise the Secretariat staff that handle information on those who registered at VJTM, and ensure the prevention of leaks and falsification of information, and acts of illegal intrusion.

● The Secretariat shall classify the information it handles into the following two groups: [1] “General Information” that includes corporate information (e.g., name, line of business, area of business) of your company or organization, information that can identify the registrant (e.g., address, telephone number, email address of the registrant), and the name of the person in charge; [2] “Special Information” that includes details of appointment requests submitted by registrants for individual business meetings, the other parties that have closed deals with registrants, business meeting schedules, and the results of business meetings.

● “General Information” shall be available for exclusive access by the registrants as necessary when submitting requests for business meetings with other registrants.
* However, there may be cases where we share information on "Company name/Organization name" and "Main business" of "General information" on sellers/MICE sellers with buyers/MICE buyers/media, etc. who are considering participating in this event in order to properly operate business meetings.

● "Special information" will be exclusively used for improving the arrangement of matching and future business meetings and shall not be used, provided or published for any purpose other than arranging business meetings.

● Responses to requests made by registrants regarding inquiries on and corrections to personal information shall only be made after the Secretariat confirms that the persons who made said requests are indeed registrants, by using the method stipulated by the Secretariat.

● The Secretariat shall comply with Japanese laws and other regulations applicable to personal information possessed by the Secretariat, review the contents of the Privacy Policy as appropriate, and make utmost efforts to improve it.